(Where the undressed see double)

Tight quarters, unflattering light and even less flattering mirrors: most boutiques targeting a young trendy clientele are not exactly known for their comfortable fitting rooms. A reason for Antonio Gardoni, designer of VE20 in Brescia, to treat the fitting rooms of this fashion shop with tender loving care. "I tried to create a separate space, like in an old-fashioned tailor's atelier, a roomy place with lots of light, where customers can try on clothes without being distracted", says Gardoni.
To create a sense of space and light, he installed three fitting rooms on both sides of a tapered corridor that leads to a large window. Both the doors and the corridor wall are covered with mirror.
The result is a double reflection that evokes the suggestion of an endless circular space - "I was still thinking of that classic atelier" - in which the customers can check out a new pair of jeans from all sides. After choosing the fitting room of his or her choice, that is.
Complementing the austere hall of mirrors is a series of colourful and varied fitting rooms: a guy's room for the tough teenager, a baroque space for the playboy, '50s cocoon for lovers of all things vintage, and a girly nook for the little princess. "I wanted the customer to feel special and unique, like the space itself, and not part of an assembly-line sale system", says Gardoni. And nothing sells better then something that promises to make you unique.